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Clay is a relatively new medium for me, I’d previously been working with materials like resin and paint which sadly have a toxic impact on our environment. Many art materials contain acids, aerosols, resins, formaldehyde, and heavy metals just to name a few. In my search for a more eco-friendly medium I was drawn to clay. What could be more natural than an art material made from the earth?

Porcelain is known to be the fussiest of the clays, with its fine particles and smooth white finish. I still have so much to learn from this finicky companion but for now let me share some of the reasons why I love working with porcelain clay:

That crisp white

The perfect canvas for artists such as myself who have an obsession with colour. Porcelain not only highlights the most vibrant colours but is also incredibly elegant just on its own.

It’s fickle yet forgiving

I’ve had countless failures working with porcelain and will no doubt continue to have many more. Although sometimes frustrating, this delicacy is one of the qualities that I love best. Creating with porcelain is an adventure.

Slow down

The process of working with porcelain clay forces me to slow down, be patient and consider each form more carefully. There’s no rushing it,  porcelain likes to take its time slowly settling as it dries and changes from a beautiful satin grey to a crisp white finish.


When the walls are thin enough porcelain has a beautiful translucency. Light passes thorough giving the piece a magical sort of glow.

Tactile Quality 

And of course the feeling of clay on my hands. The tactile quality of the porcelain allows me to connect with the material which influences the shape of each piece I create.  There’s a meditative quality in working with clay which is reminiscent of childhood mud pie making on rainy days.

I have so much more to learn from this centuries old material but for now I’m enjoying every lesson it has to teach.

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