I’m Lucie Billingsley, a passionate ceramic artist and jewellery designer creating unique pieces inspired by Australia’s vibrant land and marine flora and fauna. My connection to nature and our precious oceans flows into every one of my carefully handcrafted pieces all made in my beloved studio in Bondi.

Immersed in the sounds of the sea, I work with natural materials like Australian porcelain clay, Mother of Pearl and Bluegum timber. Whether you adorn yourself with a pair of colourful statement earrings or bring the wonders of the deep into your home with a vivid marine sculpture, every piece is imbued with its own story that echoes my creative process, from the initial design sketches to the detailed final touches. To honour the environment from which I draw inspiration, I use sustainably and ethically sourced materials where possible and 100% recyclable paper in my packaging.

My affinity with nature and innate love of creating began in childhood, growing up overseas and exploring the globe. My professional career started in set and costume design before moving into nearly a decade of work as an illustrator, culminating in four published books. Now a Mother-of-two, I cherish my work as an artist crafting uniquely Australian pieces for you to wear and treasure.

Like the ripples in each ocean tide, no two pieces of my art are the same. I hope my eclectic collection of treasures brings you joy in celebrating your uniqueness and a deep connection to our remarkable natural world.