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I love it when a package arrives at the front door; during lockdown it has been the highlight of my day! There’s definitely a Christmas morning feeling I get when unwrapping my item, even if it's just the kids' new socks.

When designing packaging for my collections I obviously wanted to ensure that each piece would be well protected and nicely presented but also demanded that all materials be renewable and sustainable. More challenging than I initially thought!

So what is renewable packaging anyway?

Renewable packaging uses materials and manufacturing practices with minimal energy consumption and impact on our natural environment.

After extensive research I decided to adopt a zero plastic policy and go with recycled paper all the way.

All of my wearable art is packaged in a protective box which is made from 100% recycled paper, has no bleach, no dies and is biodegradable.

All of my porcelain sculptures are carefully wrapped in fine recycled tissue and padded with recycled paper wrap which is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap.

Finally, each piece is packed in a mailing box made from recycled card and sealed with my custom designed paper tape. Your mailing label is even printed on 100% recycled paper!

Best of all, my packaging is 100% recyclable, right down to the tape!

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